Secret Instagram Growth-Hack

How I grew 20,000 Followers in 3 months!

What a ride! I have literally been building my Instagram account like a mad man! As Drake would say, “We started from the bottom now we here…” I started this journey 3 months ago with -0- followers, now I have over 20,000! Did it happen by itself, noooo way. Was it hard work, yesss it was! Do you want to know how I did it? Check it out below… Here are just a couple simple growth hacks I learned over the last 3 months. Notte: these are not the only ways but they are what helped me tremendously. 

Download the CROWDFIRE app for Android or iPhone. This will be your best friend for as long as you can endure the hard work of growing your account. Or at least until momentum starts taking off on your account.

The fun begins. Click on the options tab in the left had corner and choose one of the options listed. In this case we want to start to follow people in our niche. If you want to grow a motivation account like I did, you would type in an influential account like @TheSuccesster and then begin to follow as many people as allowed. Note: there are external limitations set by Instagram on how many people you van follow per hour, so follow wait more then an hour and then follow again. *Suggestion- switch up the accounts that you are copying from for a broader reach.

Depending if you want to keep your ratio balanced while building your account, you may want to also rotate in to this work flow an unfollow action. In between follow sessions you can choose unfollow from the options listed in the services area and unfollow everyone you followed in the previous session. If your like me, I just wanted to grow, I didn’t care about the ratio…lol!

Another great way to grow! The S4S.

Another way I began to grow really fast was through sharing shoutouts with other accounts similar to mine. This is called a S4S. usually when you are on your own, you have to direct message individual accounts through Instagram or find out there contact info usually an email or kick account.

I have also been privilaged to join several large communities on Instagram, many of which use the GroupMe app to communicate. Some of these group chats have 200k+ accounts in them. These are great to bounce idea off of, challenge yourself to do better and ask questions. Many friendship have been formed and even business opportunities… The most important thing is the hustle. Are you willing to work for what you want? Knock and the door will be open, ask and it shall be given… When you find cool accounts ask if they know of any groups you an be a part of. Trust me it helps!

Wanna be a part of one of my group, it depends on a few things though. What is your niche? What is your follower count? What is your quality of posts? and how bad do you want it!? If you think you have what it takes contact me for more info!

Paid shoutouts also helped…

A paid shout is when you pay a larger more experienced account, via paypal, to shout you out to their followers. Paid shoutouts range from $5 to $500 for package deals. It is completely up to you how much you want to spend on advertising your brand and how fast you want to grow!

Buyer Beware… There are lots of scammers out there!

A couple things to verify before you blow your play money.

  1. What does their engagement look like, or, how many likes and comments per post divided by the number of followers they have. A decent account should have anywhere between 2% – 3% engagement. Anywhere below that might indicate fake followers and anywhere above that might indicate Godliness and divine powers lol…
  2. Do they have a reputation? Have you heard from anyone else that they keep their word and deliver good service?
  3. How long does the post stay up?

Please take my advise, don’t pay before you find answers to these questions!

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