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Not Just Another Me Too
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I’d like you to stop and take a minute to write down 5 things that are truly unique to you. I want you to be genuine about it. Now, I’d like you to look at all the things that you use to express who you are: don’t just look at the external expression but dive deeper to the core of you. Now take those things that are so beautifully you and never sell yourself out to conformity.

I encourage you to remember who you are at the core in a world where so many people are mirroring others. Don’t become a “ME TOO” and lose your way. You weren’t created to be like everyone else, to slot into single file and order; barcoded and ready to be shipped out. So why do it now? Why succumb to the pressures of the world that praised you for your uniqueness and then sabotages you to conform.

Where’s the sabotage?

  • Wealthy looks a certain way right?
  • Entrepreneurs talk, dress, walk a certain way right?
  • Success has number assigned to it right?
  • Popular acts a certain way right?

Society has painted standards to which people aspire too. These standards are used as the measures to judge who belongs and who doesn’t. If you choose to seek qualification and approval from the world be sure to be prepared to suffer rejection from it. But the world will be the world, you cannot change it from the outside in but from the inside out you can impact and influence it.

You see, you have authority over the choices and decisions you make. Whatever you give permission to is what you give right to and whatever you give rights to, you give authority and power to. In the same breathe, if you gave permission, you can revoke it too. You can make a stand to say: “No More.” The choice has and always will be yours.

It’s natural to want to belong. I’m by no means saying don’t drive a great car, or own a mansion, or dress in the best. I’m by no means saying don’t admire others, or be mentored to learn from their paths. I’m saying DECIDE FOR YOURSELF is this who I choose to be and does it align with my beliefs and values. Don’t be so busy belonging that you become a shadow in someone else’s story because you lost who you are and why you actually started. The same learning applies to business and entrepreneurs.

THE TAKE OUT: The “Me Too Trap” may bring greater acceptance but at the cost of your point of relevance. How you fit in and how you stand out is the difference in the value you bring. #ModIsms #NatashaModi


Author: Natasha Modi, ModIsm Holdings
©2015. Natasha Modi.
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This was a great post, I love how genuine Natasha was! She really expressed the importance of knowing your identity, and staying true to that identity.