3 Things to Keep in Mind When the Going Gets Tough

Your startup is barely getting off the ground. Or maybe you’ve been working your butt off for that promotion and you don’t see any progress. It could even be your last semester in college and you’re struggling to review for your very last finals ‘til you’re off applying for jobs. We all have our own […]

How to Be More Charismatic: 4 Quick Hacks

Charisma is a powerful skill to have. All of the top leaders, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and celebrities have charisma. When people talk to them, they feel like they’ve known them all their life. It’s as if there is a magnetic attraction pulling them in. That’s the power of charisma. If you learn how to cultivate and […]

5 Best Motivational Books That Push You to Take Action

Note: This post is written by Rose Martin When the going gets tough, the tough get reading. There’s no better way to instantly lift your spirits up, change your chain of thought and escape to a whole new world, than reading. Reading a good book is akin to living in the author’s world and learning […]

8 Ways to Get Motivated to Start Your Own Business

Note: This post is written by Swati Kapoor So, you’re excited about the breakthrough idea that you truly believe is worth transforming into a business! You’ve planned it in detail, created a blueprint, thought about the financial aspects, and analyzed the market. What’s next? What’s stopping you? Is it the mental block of taking the […]

How to Change Habits: 5 Proven Tips

Note: This post is written by Gabriel Smith Almost half of the decisions you make are simply based on habits. According to a paper published by Duke University, habits are neurological shorthand that frees our minds from the stress of decision making. This behavioral shorthand gives us more bandwidth to focus on unique tasks of […]

10 Essential Productivity Tips for Freelancers

Note: This post is written by Danny Donchev Working as a freelancer offers a lot of freedom, but that freedom can also lead us down a highly unproductive path. One minute you’re sipping that first delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee as you log into your computer, the next thing you know two hours have […]

10 Key Ideas from The Truth About Cancer

I don’t read many books on health. A while back, however, I came across The Truth About Cancer and decided to read it. I was interested in it because cancer is one of the top killers in the modern age. More personally, my mom passed away because of cancer. I also have two friends who […]

The 3 Undeniable Laws Of Success

Note: This post is written by Zak Khan It is an unfortunate reality that most schools don’t teach learners how to succeed at life in a realistic and practical manner. Sure, an elaborate understanding of Mathematics and Science can open many doors but when challenged with real life problems, most of us crumble and fall […]