3 Purchases Of $100 Or Less That Have Changed My Life.

A popular question made famous by a certain 4-Hour Work Week author has been doing the rounds a lot lately. It’s an incredibly powerful question and I want to share with you my answer. By the way, my answer is not some cheap product placement or a dodgy infomercial in case you were wondering. 3 […]

5 Crucial Skills to Take Your Business and Relationships to New Heights

Our personal relationships are very powerful and provide us with a crash course of exponential growth both personally and professionally. You learn an exceptional amount of information about who you are as a person, how you communicate, manage your emotions and discover traits you were blissfully unaware of. Of course everyone wants to hear the […]

41 Fundamental Life Truths I Have Discovered This Year.

This year has taught me so much about life and what it really means. It surprises me how little I know and how much there still is to learn. A truly fulfilled life is only possible when you commit to continuous learning. Who knows, in a few years I’ll probably look at this article and […]

30 Straightforward Reminders to Help You Supercharge Your Life in 2018

This time of year it’s easy to be overwhelmed by well-meaning advice. Everyone seems to have a solution to your procrastination or a remedy for your lack of motivation. Unfortunately, most advice is either too general or irrelevant because it doesn’t address your main concerns. I’ve spent the last year trying to hone in on […]

33 Inspiring Justin Timberlake Quotes

Justin Timberlake is probably one of the most recognizable names in the entertainment industry. From his humble origins in Tennessee first making headlines as a member of the popular boyband N’sync, to performing in his second Super Bowl Halftime in 2018. Justin Timberlake has had a long an successful career as an entertainer. Along the […]

5 Things Generation Z Needs to Know in Order to Succeed

If you were born from 1995 through 2012, you are part of a special demographic—Generation Z. Congratulations! You are a very important person. First, you make up the largest percentage of the US population at 25.9 percent. Second, you’re an iGeneration kid, which means people like you write product reviews, click web ads, and build […]

5 Essential Elements You Need to Deliver a Spectacular Podcast Interview

Podcasting is a phenomenon that millions of people gravitate to every day for information, inspiration, and entertainment. According to convinceandconvert.com, 112 million people listened to a podcast at least once in 2017. There are many different types of podcasts that are out there to listen to, and one of the most popular formats is that […]

29 Epic Tom Hardy Quotes

Tom Hardy is an incredible actor. From appearing in Hollywood blockbusters such as Mad Max: Fury Road, Inception, and The Dark Knight Rises; Hardy understands the value of endurance & sticking to your passion. Many people doubted him as he became an actor and his dreams of finding success. Now he has won multiple Oscars […]