7 Ways to Achieve Success by Starting Where You Are & With What You Have

Let’s face it, most of us love over-complicating things and often shun simple information because it’s basic. We really don’t know how to KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly!). We are drawn to things that boggle our minds and consider straight forward information boring or too simplistic for our liking. Don’t believe me? How many times […]

Process And Red Tape Does Not Equal Progress.

The corporate world has taught me the truth about process and red tape: “Process creates people who follow it and believe they are superior for doing so. The reality is that the people who question the process are the true heroes” Obviously, some process is needed, but the traditional way makes no sense. Here’s how […]

Are You Communicating Effectively? The 4 Colors of Communication

When it comes to business, sometimes people think you have to be sneaky, manipulative, or cunning but in reality it is much easier to get what you want if you are straightforward. When you are clear about your wants, needs, and expectations there is no way for you to be misunderstood, and less room for […]

37 Fantastic J.K. Rowling Quotes

J.K. Rowling is best known for creating a literary empire from her Harry Potter series. From being a poor, single mother writing her original concept on a napkin in a coffee show – to imagining some of the most popular and recognizable characters & stories the world has ever seen. Even after getting rejected by […]

8 Obvious Signs You Were Built for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are not born but they cultivate the skills of entrepreneurship within them. To be an entrepreneur, you have to be passionate, resilient, tolerant to ambiguity, have vision, flexibility, believe in yourself and be a rule breaker. These are just the few indications that an entrepreneur is growing inside you. Here are a few unexpected […]

4 Research-Backed Ways to Improve Your Productivity Today

We are always looking for how we can fit more into our days and weeks, eager to try the newest productivity tip that comes our way, just like the newest fad diet. The pomodoro technique? Check. Waking up at 4am like Apple CEO Tim Cook? Tried it. The ‘throw out your to-do list’ productivity tip? […]

“Influencers” Are Not Smarter Than You And I.

Standing at the top of the mountain and looking down at everyone like they’re stupid isn’t cool. That’s what this influencer nonsense has become. Influencer meaning: Someone who thinks they’re better than everyone else because of the number of social media followers they have. Someone who put’s their own selfish desires ahead of helping others. […]

15 Secrets to Creating the Best Version of Yourself

You have reached the point in your life where you want to change many things and become a better version of yourself. You are not completely satisfied with how things are going at this particular moment and you know that you can be much better. What can be done to make sure that you are […]

Want To Be The Greatest? Publish Positivity.

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be the greatest in whatever field I entered. Now I am in the top tier of bloggers on the Internet. So your question surely is: “How can I do the same?” For starters, forget who I am and what I have and haven’t done. It’s not […]