Why Choosing the Right Romantic Partner Is Crucial to Your Success

There are lots of things which can affect your success at work. Your drive and ambition, how well you work with the rest of your team, how you are perceived by your boss, and of course, how good you are at your job. Nevertheless, did you ever think your partner’s personality could be a contributing […]

The Super Power Of Charisma – How You Can Adopt It For Yourself

There’s this dude at the office. He’s fucking unstoppable. His shit don’t stink and everything he touches turns to gold. At least that’s what I used to think. Really, in reality, he’s just charismatic. That’s how he got the cool job, the hot wifey and why everyone wants to be friends with him including me. […]

5 Ways to Kickstart Your Morning and Dominate Your Day

For many years, I dreaded Monday mornings and felt extremely excited for Friday mornings. I lived with this mindset for years until I realized that this was not a way to live a happy life. Why did I let these emotions dictate my days, I thought? Since I had seen this mindset all around me, […]

My Thoughts On Money After Being Both Rich And Poor

I’ve been in financial situations where I couldn’t even afford a pizza. I know what it’s like to have more money than you can spend. I know what it’s like to see your goals turn into cold hard cash. Through these two extremes of poverty and wealth, I’ve learned a thing or two about money. […]

5 Powerful Lessons About Success From Highly Successful Mentors

We can’t help it. When we read an interview with a high flying, successful person, we secretly compare ourselves to them with our mind making little mental notes. Their lives seem perfect, and they seem so poised and confident. I wish I could be like that. Why do they seem to have it all, while […]

How LOSERS Are Created And How To Avoid Becoming One

You’ve all met a person who’s a loser. Some people like the word and some people don’t but who really cares. Losers exist so deal with it. Worse yet, you may be one without even knowing it. My job is not to shame you if you are a loser; my job is to inspire you […]

The Self Help Guru’s Are Selling You Crap.

You don’t have to save the world to be fulfilled in life. I’m living proof. I love inspiring people, but I didn’t donate a million dollars to any charity or take a selfie with Oprah while feeding children in Africa. Making a million dollars… And having millions of followers… And doing pilates, yoga or the […]