3 Necessities That Will Help You Think Big and Stay Positive

To think big and keep hope during difficult times is not easy. When you can’t afford to pay your bills, you haven’t had more than two hours of sleep in a few nights, and you are experiencing some relationship challenges, it can be tough to believe that things will ultimately work out. The ability to […]

13 Ways I Totally Changed My Life Story And So Can You.

In 2011 my entire life story changed. I went from having nothing and having a disgusting, toxic mindset, to changing my life story and inspiring millions online. I don’t tell you that to brag; I tell you because if I can do it, so can you. The reason I changed my life story is because […]

6 Simple Steps to Setting Goals Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Years ago I found myself caught up in conventional wisdom (or wisdumb as I call it). I was trying to set goals in every area of my life. I had three goals for each of my five key areas: faith, family, friends, finances and fun. I added that last category only because it started with […]

7 Steps to Building Real Relationships With Influencers

They say your net worth is equivalent to the five closest people in your network. This is also true for your level of influence, where your “net influence” is equivalent to the five closest people in your network. So how do you build a network of influential people and start becoming an influencer yourself? Here […]

The ABCs of Successful Breakfast Meetings

What comes to mind when you hear the word “meeting”? Isn’t it usually a professional setting like an office filled with supervisors and your bosses in business clothes, a white board and a conference table? What if I tell you that when I think of meetings, I think of food? Not just any food, but […]

40 Ambitious Barbara Corcoran Quotes

Barbara Corcoran is a well recognized author, investor, entrepreneur, and regular shark on the hit show Shark Tank. However, this success comes from the humblest of origins. As a child, Barbara was told she would never succeed after realizing that she had a learning disability. After continuous setbacks, Barbara hustled and rose to the top […]

5 Simple Things We Can All Do to Ensure We Become a Success Story

There’s something about reading other people’s success stories that warms my heart. It makes me reflect on my life while inspiring me to believe in the possibility of my own dreams, and pursue them with gusto. Some stories make me cry because of the tales of adversity that inspired them. Others, however, amaze me because […]