The Best Way to Create a Six-figure Startup From Scratch

Many solo entrepreneurs make good six-figure income living selling products and services online. If you’re a technical person, it’s even better, as you can create a highly-scalable cloud-based business. For non-technical founders, there are still many ways to make a six-figure or, even, seven-figure annual revenue. Several years ago, I started an online publishing startup […]

Lost Your Mojo? Focus on These 3 Areas to Get Back in the Game

It’s time for some good news! You’re only ever lacking in three areas and guess what? You can turn those 3 things around relatively easily and quickly! It’s easy to get caught up thinking, that you’re miles behind, that you can’t find your flow or mojo or that you’re just lazy and unmotivated. The good […]

3 Practical Ways Successful People Attract Money

It takes more than just hard work, grinding and strategies to become successful. Do you actually know what subtle changes to make in order to reach the level of success and financial wealth you desire? In our constantly changing world, those who are getting ahead in the game are individuals who are learning to raise […]

How A 45 Year Old Co-worker Inspired Me To Date Again

Wow, it sucks to go through another breakup, especially as it’s been less than a year since the last one! I thought I would never date again until a 45-year-old co-worker said this to me: “If at 45 I can go on Tinder being massively overweight, and not the best to look at, and have […]

As Bad As Smoking? 3 Reasons to Occasionally Unplug From Technology

A popular meme reads: “I’m having people over to stare at their phones later if you want to come by…” It’s kind of funny in an alarming way since many people would consider walking barefoot across flaming hot coals before parting with their smartphones for a few weeks. As useful as things like the Internet […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Audience Engagement

When you first thought of your business idea and created your business, you were probably thinking about how much people needed what you had to offer and all of the people you were going to be able to help. Even though none of that has changed, it can be really discouraging to continue to post […]

A Tim Ferriss Like Japan Trip Rebuilt Me – Here’s Why

“Art imitates life so you must experience life to create art” – Unknown (possibly Tim Ferriss) This quote is the reason why I recently took a holiday to Japan and why from now on I will travel more. All of us have a dream, a vision, a goal, a business which is another word for […]

3 Ways to Have More Time by Living More Proactively

We live in a reactive world. We feel compelled to check and respond to digital tools at a moment’s notice. A few minutes here and a few there checking email, responding to Slack messages, and replying to Facebook posts add up to a significant amount of time over the course of a day, week, and […]