5 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Commit to Lifelong Learning

Education is commonly equated to an experience for children and young adults, but the reality is that lifelong learning can benefit you in many ways. The world is constantly changing, and this means that you must be open to absorbing and actively seeking new information to stay up-to-date. This, of course, expands far beyond education […]

The Ugly Truth About Success and Why You’re Not Achieving It

As human beings, most of us have this tendency to overcomplicate things. Maybe you’ve had this experience of trying to find success, but for some reason, it keeps eluding you. In our pursuit to win, hardly anyone tells us the ugly truth about why most of our dreams seem to evade us. Today, I’m going […]

I Want To Be Happy – Only With You

I only want to be happy with you. I want you to find love and not be single for the rest of your life because you’ve told me how much you want to settle down and have a family one-day. I know how much you enjoy the company of an intelligent partner who knows how […]

19 Insightful Shakira Quotes

Shakira is a internationally recognized singer, actor, and philanthropist. She has won multiple entertainment related awards and her music has reached the ears of billions. Starting her singing career at the young age of 13, Shakira has been forced to adapt and innovate in order to reach new audiences and maintain her status as a […]

3 Ways You Can Awaken Your Positive Spirit

It’s 5:30 in the morning, your alarm rings. Do you feel like waking up? Heck no! The pillow is your best friend and at this moment, you wouldn’t mind breaking your phone to shut it up. Nonetheless, responsibilities are calling you. You roll out of bed, making it all the way to the bathroom. It […]

Always Choose Love, Not Fear

A few weeks ago, I met a woman that seriously changed my perspective. It was one of those chance encounters that I believe was meant to happen for a reason. This woman had been involved in the same tragedy that I had been caught up in. As I shared my story, I quickly realized that […]

5 Unusual Productivity Tips From Famous Procrastinators

Do you often procrastinate? Are you doing it now by reading this article? If yes – awesome, continue reading. Most of us consider procrastination the biggest troublemaker and productivity killer. You see it as a vice, consequently, you try to overcome its effects, kill the procrastination beast and cheat with all the possible means. But […]

3 Things to Keep in Mind When the Going Gets Tough

Your startup is barely getting off the ground. Or maybe you’ve been working your butt off for that promotion and you don’t see any progress. It could even be your last semester in college and you’re struggling to review for your very last finals ‘til you’re off applying for jobs. We all have our own […]

The Lie That Is My Overnight Success

I started writing unprofessionally three years ago. Some would say my whole career is unprofessional and I’d agree. Imperfection is damn sexy though. I began writing only because my mentor Joel Brown said I should and I stupidly said yes without knowing why. Now, of course, I’m crystal clear about why I write: it’s to […]