The One Unexpected Thing You Need to Go From Good to Great

Do you ever get the unsettling feeling that you’re not messing up at work, but not exactly setting the world on fire either? Your focus wavers. You struggle to get motivated. You even wonder why you’re doing what you’re doing. The hunger, passion, and joy that you started out with are nowhere to be found. […]

5 Ways You’re Subconsciously Sabotaging Your Online Success

You’re an entrepreneur with big dreams and goals. You work long hours and most weekends but despite all the effort and hustle, you’re struggling to hit 4 figures let alone 5 figures in income. The way you see it, you’re doing everything right. You’re a consistent blogger, you network, you’ve read heaps of business and […]

The Unmistakable Sign of Having the Right Career

Do you want to know whether you are in the right career? Do you want to know whether you are at a place where you can be your best? I have been following many successful people over the years. These are people who have overcome great challenges to thrive in their fields. These are people […]

How To Look In The Mirror And See Greatness

We all doubt ourselves at one time or another. The temptation to believe that we are not enough or that we somehow “must” be so much more plagues us all. We look in the mirror and see disappointment and our forever aging bodies. We have this so-called “ticking time bomb” of things we must get […]

5 Simple but Important Ways You Can Defeat Perfectionism

Most of us have at least one role model in our lives. Someone who inspires us to be better, follow after their footsteps and who wants us to reach heights greater than they did. Thoughts like “I want to make them proud” become synonymous to “I don’t want to disappoint them”. But then you come […]

Overcoming Your Demons And Reaching Greatness Again

Over the course of my life, I have seen some people face some really big demons. These demons have taken the form of broken relationships, drug abuse, violence, lack of purpose, failed businesses and the list goes on. Some of these demons have scared people into living a meaningless life. That’s because unless you face […]

How to Lose and Still Be a Winner

You may be wondering, How does one lose and still be a winner? Surely once a person has suffered defeat, they are deemed the “loser” of the bout right? In the tangible sense, this would hold true. However, one can take a loss and still be considered a winner based on their reaction to losing. […]

The 7 Things You Must Do While Managing Your Business

Did you start your business for specific reasons such as the loss of a job or due to your desire to be independent? However, do you think you have the right personality to manage an enterprise successfully? Are you aware of the common trait found amongst successful entrepreneurs or are you frustrated and struggling along? […]

3 Rules Gary Vaynerchuk Lives by and So Should You

I found out about Gary Vaynerchuk a few years ago, when he started to post seriously on YouTube. At first, I didn’t think much of it. He was a successful wine entrepreneur who spoke extremely passionately about his beliefs. I simply found him interesting and moved on — but things change. Over the years, Gary […]