5 Ways To Consistently Finish Anything You Start

If you have decided to be successful, it’s because there is a fire that is burning inside of you telling you that there is more to life and yourself other than your current circumstances. You may hear that small voice telling you that there is more for you and you definitely have an aching desire to achieve the life that you have dreamt of.

All of these signs are signs of a person that is going after their dreams despite fear, obstacles, and difficulties that life has to bring you. The question is, even after you have decided to do all of that, how do you consistently finish what you’ve started out to do?

I can lie to you and tell you that doing it will be a piece of cake or I can give you a formula that you will never be able to achieve. I’d rather give you a few comprehensive steps that will help keep you passing the finishing line over and over again.

Here are a few things you can do to consistently finish what you start:
1. Chunks, Bits, And Pieces

You might have heard the saying, “never bite off more than you can chew“. That concept is a golden rule when you are trying to get anything accomplished. Creating mini milestones will help you to accomplish what you set out to do without feeling overwhelmed or falling behind schedule. It also helps you to stay focused and remain confident that it is something that you can achieve without being intimidated on how big the task is.

“I don’t focus on what I’m up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest.” – Venus Williams

2. Be A Constant Visitor To Your Victories

It is easy to be very critical of your own self. Constantly telling yourself that if you only had done this or if you only knew that. The problem is that by always being critical and not acknowledging your past victories you are setting yourself up to get depleted fast and not have the motivation that you will need along the way of your journey to achieve your goals. Revisiting your past victories gives you confidence, stamina, and reminds you of how smart, powerful, and QUALIFIED you are.

3. Play Time Is A Must

I know that you have heard the term, “work hard and play harder“. When you are chasing your success it is a must. You must find the time to celebrate yourself no matter how big or how small that celebration is. The road is not easy, so for you to have accomplished any milestone along the way; it is a testament to how strong you are and how much you deserve all the rewards along the way. Treat yourself to things that you love and pat yourself on the back because there will be times where you will be the only one celebrating your accomplishments.

4. Always Have Back Up

There is one thing that we all have fallen into the trap of, wanting to do things by ourselves. It is easy to think that if you have help, that means that you weren’t strong enough, or smart enough when having help actually means that you are a true boss. NO ONE important ever did anything all alone.

They had back up. Someone was able to have their back to help them, guide them, or just to tell them when they were messing up and telling them to get it into gear. Whatever the reason was, successful people had a coach, mentor, or an advisor to have their back throughout their journey.

“Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.” – Misty Copeland

5. Weather The Storm

Life happens, storms come, and it is never at a convenient time. It is always when you are low on money, or having a rocky relationship with someone that you are close to, or even when you are not feeling as confident as you would like. That is when the storm decides to pop up in your life and wreak its worst havoc on your life.

When this happens, the only thing that you can do is hold on, learn to dance in the rain, and wait for the sun to come out. The sun always comes back out. All you have to do is be patient and be ready when it does. Learn how to dance during the storm. It is important for you to know and believe that the sun is going to eventually come out and whatever madness you are going through will pass.

On your journey to success, you will get knocked down, disappointed, rejected, and at times have a lack of confidence and feel like you are not enough. During those times you can still cross the finish line if you remember to implement these things.

What are some other tips you have for being able to finish what you start? Leave your thoughts below!

Source:: Addicted2Success.com